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I need help.

Hello everyone my name is Joshua, I’m 21, I live in southeastern Europe, Albania, but I’m half American also.

I have been raised in a mixed community, some Christians, and some Muslims, but I’ve never felt like I belonged in any of them, or to be completely honest I couldn’t believe many of their claims. Most of my life I’ve spent searching for the truth, every time I was reading the Bible I was fascinated with the Tanakh, especially the book of Job, I’ve always felt the strong words of God in that book. But I was also fascinated with God’s chosen people, with God’s chosen nation, with how God has never forsaken his people and with how beautifully he makes his presence known to his own creation.

For me Judaism is more than just a faith or religion, it’s a lifestyle that you embrace with pride, there are times when I wish I could be more involved with it, I wish I could become part of embracing the lifestyle, the promise of God. I’ve been trying for a few times to celebrate together with the Israel nation, even though you don’t know me, I have you in my heart, my heart rejoices when I see God’s chosen people celebrating, and watching as how God’s promises never fades away. These recent times I’m amazed with how strong this nation is, how strong the Jews are but also you see who is the God of Israel.

My request is does anyone have some words of advice as to how I can start my journey with becoming part of Judaism, how can I embrace this joyful desire inside my heart? I hope one day I will be able to travel in Israel, why not even start a new beginning there.

Thank you to all who will take time to answer me.

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