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I Need Advice About Judaism

Hello, my name is Frank and I’m a 14-year-old from California. My mom is Catholic and my dad is fully Jewish. My older sister was Bat Mitzvahed in 2017. When I was younger, I didn’t want to hurt my mom’s feelings (who dropped hints that she wanted me to be a Catholic) by telling her I wanted to be Jewish, and truthfully I didn’t know what I wanted to be. Now I’m 14 (past the age of a Bar Mitzvah) and want to become more in touch with my Judaism. I don’t know if I believe in G-d but I love Jewish traditions and want my children raised in a Jewish custom. What should I do? Can I convert to Judaism if I don’t believe in G-d? Am I already Jewish? Can I still be Bar Mitzvahed? Please let me know in the comments as I am kind of having an identity crisis while doing English homework 🙁

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