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I made a podcast to help process October Seventh

Hi all – just sharing this in case it helps anyone: Like so many people here, I’m still processing all the events surrounding October Seventh.

And I’ve heard so many stories of how everything that has happened has affected people. It’s really something, to think about how events thousands of miles away can affect my community here in America.

I want to hear all of those stories. I want to understand. I want to listen. To empathize.

And through my own journey, I ended up recording some of these conversations for a podcast called, “Where were you on October Seventh.”

My co-host and I have differing perspectives on the issue, but in this show, we leave politics aside and focus on listening to each other and understanding each other. We feature guests who talk about empathy and compassion in the midst of hard times, and what we can learn from processing such a devastating situation.

I wanted to share this with you all here in case it can help anyone feel less alone.

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