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I love Judaism..

Hi friends.. I am from India and I am Hindu..

I am writing this because Iam following this group since 3 weeks and I am seeing that people here (jews) are very upset and worried about the hate people are showing against them..

Personally I being a hindu from India I support Judaism/Jews..and always remember India which has 1.4 billion population of which atleast 500 million people love Jews..

We all know how you were treated badly in history and we know how you overcame all those things in past and grew as a successful community…we hindus have similar history like Jews…

When somebody hates you just remember this..

  1. There are so many people who love you..Think of positive side…
  2. All things have endings.. nobody is here to live forever.. even your hater dies one day.. Just be strong and remember that if you have million haters you also have billion lovers..

FUCK the haters…


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