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I learned about antinatalism yesterday at reddit, and the wiki told me there is Buddhist and even Christian arguments for it. So chatGPT and I collaborated on a poem expressing a different point of view

A handsome young Jew from Nantucket
Who believed procreation was a muck-it
He said, “No more births,
No more crowded earths!”
The rebbe she said, “פורה ומתרבה” and he? “Well, shuck-it!”

There once was a stinker so bright
Whose stance on birth caused the fight
He said “No more babies,
We drive ourselves crazy!”
But tradition just wouldn’t take flight.

So he argued with passion and flair
That humans should just stop and forbear
“פורה ומתרבה?
That’s just absurdah!”
The rebbe could only just stare.

The young Jew from Nantucket, now gray
Had wooed the rebbe that day
He’d followed tradition
Without inhibition
And had משפּחה משוגע

His home was too small for his kin
Each room was overcrowded within
He’d wished he’d been smarter
And not played his part as a martyr
For now, there was no peace to begin.

That didn’t quite end up where I wanted it to, though I like it. Feel free to provide an alternative last line or stanza…

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