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I just suddenly missed being with some Jewish Community…

Of all the people and different religious/spiritual organizations I had been with… Jews and those who practice the Torah, are among the most pleasant people I had been with.

I miss Torah studies, and the Jewish style of discourse, the Mishnah and Gemarah, and how I could simply sit amazed listening to the teachings like I’m already in heaven. And life was so much easier to manifest and succeed in my goals, at that time like everything in my life was doing great, no suffering, as long as I observed.

I’m currently exploring eastern mysticism, I find it has it’s own pros and cons. Just for myself, it’s like my computing systems gets parsing errors from having to multiple times translate from different spiritual language. It doesn’t come to me as much easily understandable to makes sense of what they mean.

However, Just for myself, i find there a deeper sense of healing and wholeness which I didn’t find in the Jewish path. Despite i find it pretty much hell having to be all by myself and sit in silent meditation and no talking to anyone, it’s also bliss after coming out of hellish excavation and mining within myself. I wonder, would I be able to find the same kind of healing if I had stayed on the Jewish path?

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