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I just realized that I only want to marry another Jew… and it feels wrong.

I’ve (22F) only dated one other Jew by this point in my life. It has never been something important to me. I’m not very religious (I’m an atheist), and am not exactly a super practicing Jew. My heritage has always been important to me, but as I’ve gotten older its become more and more so. I’m deeply proud to be Jewish. I’m proud of what my ancestors survived.

I’m of the mindset that being Jewish is my ethnicity. It isn’t just a religion to me. I’m not even fully Jewish and many Jews may not even consider me one. My father is Jewish and my mother converted after I was born. But it’s in my DNA. I am 50% Jewish according to Ancestry. It may not be 100%, but it means a lot to me.

And I realized, when I have children, they’ll have even less Jewish DNA. I don’t like that. Yet, I don’t like that I feel this way. DNA isn’t the only reason I want to marry another Jew. I want to raise my children Jewish. I want to continue the traditions. I even want to become more practicing myself at this point. But, logically, I could do that with a non-Jew. I would personally never, even before I came to this realization, date someone that was super religious in another religion. So, why am I now set on marrying another Jew? It feels wrong. It feels bigoted.

Also, how do I even meet someone? I’m not religious enough for a matchmaker and the dating apps suck. I know I’m young, but I want to settle down. I’m done just dating around.

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