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I just found out my jewish heritage!

A few weeks ago, I started researching my genealogy, and just found out my Jewish heritage! I’m a descendent from Helena de Azevedo, who was found guilt of judaism and arrested by the portuguese inquisition (Tribunal do Santo Ofício) in 1718. Interestingly, it’s a direct maternal line, only women from my mother, grand-mother, (…) until Helena de Azevedo. The line is well documented, with birth/marrigage certificates and books on genealogy, I’m just waiting for some documents to apply for Portuguese citizenship as sephardic/converso/marrano.

I’m reading books and studying about judaism, I really want to embrace it. Tried to talk to the rabbis in my area (Chabad and Reform), but both synagogues are still closed because of pandemics, so I’ll probably attend to my first rosh hashaná service online.

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