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I just built a site where you can share or join virtual Seders. It would be great if you helped get it out there, or shared thoughts on how it can be improved!

In these strange times, many of us will have to host virtual Seders. In looking for one to attend, I found that many synagogues, organizations, and even individuals were opening their virtual Seders to the greater community.

Realizing there was no good Seder aggregator or easy way to share your virtual Seder, I build It’s kind of like a Seder board- list your Seder, find a Seder (we don’t host the Seders (you have to use Zoom, Hangouts, Skype, etc).

My hope is that this will be tool to connect people who want to attend a Seder and maintain tradition, not something used to create frivolous social gatherings. As such, I encourage people to share details about their Seder so that Seder-seekers can find one that’s right for them.

Please please help get the word out! Nobody who wants to attend a Seder should have a hard time finding one!! If you know anyone hosting a virtual Seder, please encourage them to share it here. You can give it to your Synagogues, organizations, friends, etc.

I tried to make it as easy as possible to use. There is no registration, just go and browse to find a Seder. And if you want to share your Seder, you can easily do that too. You can use our ‘blind’ contact form (so people never see your email address… requests to join go directly to your email), or you can just post a link directly to your Seder (on Facebook, Meetup, Eventbrite, your Synagogue page.. wherever!).

I’m still making updates and improvements to the site, but if you have any suggestions or would like to contribute (content, design, Seders, spreading the word…) I would LOVE it if you reached out to me.

This is a 100% free service, btw.

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