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I just barely found out I may have fairly recent Jewish ancestry?

My great great grandmother and grandfather were from germany/austria/hungary/poland/slovakia (its very unclear, especially with conflicting records). Most of the records there are of them are from Slovakian synagogues, but otherwise have no other information on their participation in the religion as a whole, or if they were even Jewish at all. They immigrated to the US shortly before World War 2, and two generations later had my grandmother. This is where things get muddled up. My grandparents and mom were converted to mormonism in their 20s or 30s, and my mom then later had me.

I was never raised with any cultural practices, quite literally entirely void of any talk of any of our heritage. My grandmother never talked about her grandparents, she didn’t bring in any cultural practices, nothing, which greatly saddens me because I would have loved to know any information about my family history that was that close to me. I didn’t even know that I had recent family that had immigrated to America until about a year ago, and that there were synagogue records on that side of my family until about one hour ago.

Would it be considered rude to learn about and reclaim this part of my heritage? I don’t want to try to take part of something I wasn’t raised with if it would be invasive or appropriative.

What would be the best way to go about learning more about Jewish culture and practices? Even if I cannot participate, I at least want to learn about my ancestors religion and culture more.

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