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I independently converted to Judaism and I am now engaged to a non-practicing Christian

I (24F) converted 4 years ago after years of feeling a very intense draw towards Judaism. I came from a nondenominational Christian family who have been amazingly supportive throughout my spiritual journey. I recently got engaged to my (27M) fiancé who was raised in a Christian household but is in no way religious. He fully supports and embraces my beliefs. We of course have talked about how we would handle religion with any future children, and we both are comfortable with things.

My real question is has anyone else been in a relationship like this? My Rabbi is great but even this is a bit of a new one for him. There are endless amounts of information for people who convert for marriage but I’ve been unable to find anything about my particular situation.

Have any of you been in a relationship like this? If so how did you and your spouse go about things? Any tips, suggestions, or advice would be most appreciated!

(This is also my first ever post on Reddit so please don’t judge me too harshly for any mistakes!)

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