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I hit a wall in my shul shopping right at the start of lockdown and now I’m lost.

I had a number of friends inviting me to multiple congregations to see how I liked services, meet the Rabbi(s), go to some programming, etc. to try and find where I want to go through my conversion process.

I don’t have any doubts about doing so and it’s been a long time developing, I just didn’t have a ‘home’ to do so in.

Unfortunately everything changed when we had to lock down and now I just don’t know what this looks like.

I can take online adult education classes during their next cycle (couldn’t afford the one I wanted in April, but I can now), I’ve been doing Talmud study with friends online, keeping up with parashas and doing online Shabbats… but I need to be doing this in a framework with a congregation and with leaders.

I feel like it’s just not going to happen any time in the next year, I feel like I can’t build these relationships from scratch online. I’m looking at more ‘liberal,’ I guess, congregations so they may be more keen to online options, but it also just… doesn’t entirely feel right. Probably just going to need to sit and deal with it, right?

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