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I hide my jewishness in certain situations

I don’t know if i’m actually crazy or if it’s my anxiety disorder affecting my behaviour but… whenever i go to the doctor or whenever i’m in education i try to not mention that i’m jewish or make someone think i am.

I was on my way to the doctors office where i live (it’s a new place) and i always wear my magen david necklace. But whenever i enter the doctors office i hide my necklace because i’m scared the doctor might be anti semitic or dislike jews that he doesn’t give me the treatment i should have or that he wouldn’t care etc. Or for example in school is scared if the teachers know i’m jewish they’ll lower my grade.

My boyfriend thinks i’m being really silly but it’s honestly a fear. Especially the doctors thing. I know it’s not rational at all to think like this. I wear my magen david with pride in public but hide it in certain situations.

Has anyone else had one tiny thought of this or am i the only lunatic here?

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