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I have recently discovered through conversations with my grandpa that I am Jewish.

This all started when my grandpa found some old jewelry in his apartment that he brought over to our house. In the jewelry there was a beautiful Star of David necklace that belonged to my maternal great grandfather. I asked my grandpa if I could have it and he said yes. After this I became more curious about my heritage and began questioning my grandfather. He told me that my maternal grandmother and her parents were Jewish (religious and culturally) and that my mother grew up with both religions (Christianity and Judaism) she celebrated Hanukkah and Christmas, she grew up in a Jewish neighborhood and she was a part of the faith.

I am so disappointed that my mother told me none of this. She baptized me as Christian although we never went to church or anything and I have never felt like that religion suited me and as a result just became agnostic. I am so grateful that my grandpa is so open to answering all of my questions, but I have more. Should I formally convert to Judaism, is it possible for me to still be Jewish even though my mother had me baptized as an infant?

Thank you all for your time and I’m sorry about how long this post was ☺️

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