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I have questions about kishka!

I have questions about kishka!

Hey everybody! Yes, I know it’s Sunday but I want to make myself a big pot of cholent anyway.

I’ve gotten my hands on a frozen kishka and, when I’ve made cholent with kishka in the past, I’ve found it entirely melted into the cholent by morning. So I have a few kishka questions and I’m sure we have some passionate and opinionated cholent-heads out there.

Should I keep the kishka in the plastic wrap it came in or wrap it in something else? Do I even need to wrap it at all?

Also, should I put the kishka in the crock pot tonight or tomorrow, a little bit before I plan to eat?

Should I bake the kishka before I put it in the pot?

I look forward to hearing some ideas 🙂 I have kishka questions and need kishka answers.

Edit: Added a pic of the kishka I bought, so everyone knows this is a post about kishka. This is not an advertisement and I am not in the pocket of Big Kishka.

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