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I have problems sleeping after i ricite the Kriat Shema and the Hamapil blessing. Has any one experienced it? Can any one help

Hi there, I would like some advice

I grew in a Reform jewish home and was never taught nothing about living according to the Hallacha. Since 2 years now i have been trying to live a hallahic life. I have no problem with any other ordenance or law, but whenever a I recite the Kriat Shema and the Hamapil blessing before sleep I have problems to sleep.

Don’t get me wrong. I recite the blessings with Kavanah and am really grateful to G’d. I do think, though, that I get too anxious thinking that I am supposed to recite the blessing as close as possible to the moment of sleeping and, instead of soothing me into sleep it has the opposite effect.

Has any one faced something similar? If so, how have you solved it?

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