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I have never had the opportunity to discuss this with someone, so i hope this is the right place

An idea that has puzzled me to argue for God’s existence is the possibility of the existence of contingent minds in a godless, naturalistic world. I can surely and certainly say that i am individual. I am a distinct, unique and indivisible substance based on my immediate experience. The very subject of ”I” entails it. Therefore, i am distinct from my brain. That’s also implied by the very fact that i use the pronoun ”my” to begin with so i think is undeniable that I ( a mind) am a fundamentally different substance from matter. The question that puzzles me is if it is even possible for an unconciouss, purposeless, predetermined set of chunks of matter to just spawn up out of nothing a self-aware, inmaterial entity with the ability to think, feel, experience, to have free will, intentional states of concioussness and moral agency?. Or does it makes more sense to argue that an overarching, primordial mind (God) intentionally spawns up a mind when a fetus is developing and links such mind to the fetus developing brain?

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