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I have just learned that a thing called "Eruv" exists, and I have a question.

Quick clarification: I’m not a follower of Judaism.
But I just watched a video ( explaining what an Eruv is, and immediately got an idea.
If a “private territory” is defined as a territory encircled by a wall separating it from a “public territory”, and there is no problem in considering an entire island to be a “private territory”…
Why not just take an arbitrary small place, build a wall around it, and proclaim everything inside of it to be a “public territory”, and everything outside of it – “private territory”? Geometrically, on a surface of a sphere, there isn’t much of a difference between the inside and the outside of a closed border – a closed border just divides a sphere’s surface into two parts, the only difference between them being shape and size. And neither seems to be an issue, since, you know, the entirety of Manhattan Island is “private”.
Did this idea ever came up? If it did (and I am almost sure it did), why wasn’t it implemented or recognized?

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