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I have a very good friend who is very Chasidic. She constantly talks about Judaism because it’s her whole life. I have religious anxiety and trauma and it’s very triggering for me. Is there a gentle way to let her know

I have religious trauma and anxiety/religiosity ocd. The religious aspects of Judaism are heavily triggering for me. I wish it wasn’t like this, it pains me and I hope one day it won’t be like this. But for now, I have to stay away from the religion for my own health. I am very strongly culturally and ethnically Jewish, it’s just until I can work through the religious issue, I have to stay away.

I have a good friend who I have known for years. She is a very strong Baal Tshuva and her entire life revolves around her Judaism and chasidism. I am very happy for her as it gives her great joy. She is a wonderful person and friend and I’m lucky to have her as a friend.

We used to talk every day by chat or a few times a week. Every convo she tried to send me something to make me more observant, or about Moshiach, or about Ha Shem or something of that nature. I used to thank her for sending and say I would watch or read the stuff she sent, but I never did. She asked me why one day and I told her about my anxiety and that it’s not good for my health. She still sends me stuff, but not as much as before. But every convo inevitably it’ll be BH this and Moshiach that. It gives me anxiety and ocd and makes me feel I’m obligated to say B H too, even if I don’t want to or wouldn’t say it if I didn’t feel as if I had to.

I have stopped talking to her often because of it. I have told her that it is because of my anxiety and other physical health issues I have , so she says she understands; but I know it is not very nice and not fair to her. I would like to talk to like we used to and I would like to be honest with her as to why I have pulled back from communication, but I don’t want to hurt her feelings or offend her and I also don’t want her to have to change herself and her naturalness around me. But I also don’t want to trigger my anxiety.

Does anyone have any advice on how to handle this situation? Should I even discuss it with her? Do I have a right?

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