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I have a true story to tell you.

I was not born into Judaism. I was raised in a Christian family. In 2013 I had a near death experience, and I was in a hospital bed, and my blood pressure was dropping very low. My mother was there, and I felt that I was dying. I called out to the name of YHVH (in my thoughts) , his Holy name. It was then when I heard a voice that proclaimed mightily, “That’s the name!” The next thing I knew, the doctor had come into the room, and gave me some smelling salts, which had awakened me from what had occurred. I can imagine that this probably sounds like nonsense, but I can assure you that I am being honest. I truly believe that YHVH had saved my life that night. I will continue to believe in him forever, and nothing will ever steer me away from him.

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