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I have a question about Jewish theology

I am a Muslim but after watching many videos by Rabbi Tovia Singer, I’ve taken an interest in Judaism and our similarities, which are many. One issue that is very prevalent in Islam, but I don’t see anywhere online in Judaism, is “where is Allah/Hashem?” In Islam this is a hugely contentious issue that gets a lot of debate. The traditionialists say Allah has no where, He is not limited by time or place and there is no physical place which can encompass him. The salafis argue a literal interpretation from the Quran, which states that Allah is above the heavens and the earth, so He’s literally above us. I am very curious where Judaism is on this issue, is Hashem above us in Heaven, or is He not limited by place or direction, and has no “where?” Did this issue become a big debate among Rabbis like it did in Islam? I tried searching online for an answer and even emailed Rabbi Singer, but got no response. Would love to hear the Jewish perspective on this. Thank you

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