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I have a friend who may be interested in Judaism, but it seems like they’re interested in "Messianic" Judaism. Should I burst their bubble and tell them that most Jews look down on it?

So this friend has told me for a long time that they’re interested in Judaism; they’ve even mentioned possibly converting at some point. This was through no initiative of mine; my friend knows I’m Jewish and occasionally asks me questions, which I am sometimes able to answer and sometimes not.

I’m not trying to encourage or discourage my friend either way, but it seems they have become interested in “Messianic” Judaism. Should I inform them that most Jews don’t take very kindly to Messianics?

On the one hand, I’d like to gently caution them that while it’s okay with me if they pursue that path, other Jews might have a negative reaction. On the other hand, I don’t want to stop my friend from continuing their discovery of Judaism in case they decide to become a “true” Jew someday (i.e., not Messianic).

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