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I hate Jews! Wait, you know what? I love Jews!

A few years ago I opened an email to find antisemitic insults and death threats from a random email address on Yahoo.

My email address was comprised solely of my obviously Jewish name. The sender of the antisemitic messages may have seen my address or he may have just put random Jewish names in and hit send.

His email threatened my life, the lives of my family, and the lives of all Jews. He said they’re coming for me and my kind because he and his fellow Jew-haters are going to fight back.

It was a few paragraphs long. Obviously he didn’t know me – he just “got lucky” with my email address. But nevertheless it was unnerving and it occupied my thoughts for a couple days.

Then I decided I wanted revenge. Responding to the email would just flame the fire and he’d probably send another more hateful email. I thought of reporting the email to yahoo but the worst they’d do is close the account.

I decided to try to log in as my assailant. I put his email address in and tried a few things like “password123” but none worked. So I clicked “Forgot Password”. This was the early days of security so rather than sending “me” a reset email, it showed me “my” security questions.

First question: “Who is your favorite uncle?” I decided to take a guess within the theme, so I entered “Adolf”.

DING! Correct! I was shocked, excited, and very nervous.

Next question: “What is your favorite book?”

Could this be so obvious? I wrote “Mein Kampf”.

DING! Please enter your new password. I was dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe I “hacked” the account.

So I changed the security questions and answers, and changed the password to “ILoveJews”. Then I discovered a huge list of contacts saved in the account.

I opened his email and started writing – it was something along the lines of…

“Most of you know me as a good God-fearing man. I don’t tolerate those who want to harm me, my family, or my country. Recently I’ve been reconsidering my feelings. You see I’ve met a really great guy. We been together for a few months and I want to share my new insights with you.

First, I know most of you are shocked. I’ve always said love is between a man and woman. I also believed in racial purity, and I’ve always said we need to cleanse the earth of non-believers (Jews, Muslims, etc…). Well the man I love is a dark-skinned Jew and he is the sweetest, most loving partner I could have wished for.

We are compatible emotionally and sexually, and I’m completely ‘satisfied’ ;).

I encourage all of you to rethink your feelings about others who aren’t like us. I think you’ll find there’s room in your hearts for everyone regardless of religion or color.

I’m planning on cutting communication with many of you because I now find your hatred intolerable, but before I do I wanted to give you one chance to try to fix yourself.

Please let me know what you think.”

I attached ALL of his contacts and sent it. I waited 5 minutes and then I deleted the account. Again, this was a while ago so there was no easy way to get it back or prove who you were, so his account was as good as lost.

I closed my browser window and laughed hysterically at what I did for a while, and then got back to my life. I never heard anything about it.

I felt completely satisfied! 😉

EDIT: This really happened. I’ve been downvoted and the comments seem to not believe me. This is so disheartening.

I told my friends and family after I guessed his secret questions and they all worried that I’d be exposing myself to risk if I sent an email from his account but I did it anyway.

I was nervous but proud to stand up for myself (sort of) and fuck him over. It’s been 10 years and I’ve never told anyone (else) until I saw r/Judaism – I figured it was safe – and the apparent disbelief is a little “soul-crushing”.

Whatever. If you don’t want to believe me, don’t. But this really happened. I’ve never done anything like it before or since, but the email I got was fucking scary and I had to do something, even if it meant risk. I imagined a trio of neck-beards with baseball bats arriving at my door, but I decided this was worth it. I spent time in Israel and saw intense hatred of Jews – and I considered moving there and serving in the army if they’d accept me – I didn’t but this email brought back all kinds of emotions from my stay. I took what little action I could.

I may be overreacting to the first few comments/votes, but if you all really don’t believe me, I’ll remove this post and be done here.

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