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I Hate AntiTheists

I Always Hate When Racist Bigots Go Against Religion! How Could Anyone Go Against Religion? Religion Litterally Forces Us To Be Good People… People Like Matt Dillahunty And Richard Dawkins And Sam Harris Absolutely Disgust Me, They Say Blasphemous Things Against Our Lord GOD And Say There Is No AfterLife And Are Okay With Bullying Everyone Into Thinking That Life Is Meaningless And Worthless And They Always Try To Persecute Believers… I Learned Who Caused People To Commit Suicide When I Listened To Them Talk About How Life Is Meaningless And Worthless, AntiTheists Cause Suicide. We NEED Religion And That Is Why I Make Videos Mocking And Making Fun Of Those Fools. GOD Doesn’t Want Us To Hate Anyone But I Think GOD Would Make An Exception For Me, The Torah In The Old Testement Even Encourages Believers To Mock AntiTheists…

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