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I had a weird encounter with a patient at work and I am a little weirded out now.

I am a nurse so this is gonna be intentionally vague for privacy but …

I had a patient today who is with us for a while. When I got report I saw she requests no pork products and wanted circumcision for her baby to happen on day 8, outside of the hospital. I though “Oh, cool, maybe she is Jewish too?!”

When I asked about her husband she said he went to Temple so I asked if they were Jewish and she said yes! I though how cool, so I told her I was too and that if she ever needed someone to talk to while she was here we have a lovely Chaplin that works here that is Jewish, told her the Chaplins name, and how to reach her. (This is pretty standard for our long term patients, but I don’t usually offer up the info that she is Jewish.).

So anyway, after talking for a while I asked what Temple they went to and she said that they actually don’t have a specific location, they worship outside, which I was like, cool, COVID and all. She then offered up that she was “Israelite” and that they normally worship outside.

Well I had never heard of that so I said cool, finished up and left. After that I Googled Israelite in my community and turns out that there is a group called Black Hebrew Israelites in my city and a Police officer was fired in 2019 for marching with them during an event because they are considered an anti-Semitic hate group.

I now feel uneasy that I identified both myself and my coworker as Jewish. How worried should I be?

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