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I genuinely believe that us Jews are the most omnipresent people in history, and we are on the trajectory to become the most powerful nation in the world.

Ever since the beginning of time, the Jews have been the most disproportionately successful and influential people in the world.

Us Jews have authored the Bible, invented E=Mc2, Oppenheimer invented the atomic bomb, Einstien and teller helped him build the Nuclear bomb, and there’s an immeasurable plethora of author contributions we’ve made such as google, Facebook, etc.

Can you imagine the world without any of these things?

For such a small group of people we’ve contributed to the world millionfold.

That is what the Jewish Question has always been. How does this minuscule group of people achieve such immeasurable inexplicable success?

The fear has always been, if this small group of people have so much extraordinary power and influence than what happens when they’re not small anymore? They’ll be our greatest threat and will rule over all of us.

Now that we have a country like Israel to help us blossom to full messianic fruition, in due time we will be the worlds main superpower. After 2,000 years of persecution we can finally utilize our Jewish greatness without any roadblocks. The one consistent truth about us Jews is everywhere we go we succeed to a terrifying caliber. Now that we’re unstoppable we’re going to reach our highest population zenith and what we’re about to accomplish is going to be unprecedented and godly. I’m so excited for it.

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