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I finally talked to my immediate family about my conversion!

Hi all. I don’t know if this might be helpful for someone, but I feel like I want to share it. I am now few months into my conversion process and so far I kept it a secret from my immediate family (I am a young adult, fully independent from my family, so my family opinion’s on the matter wasn’t relevant to my rabbi anyway). I kept procrastinating because my mom isn’t exactly the most open minded person out there, but yesterday l decided it was enough. I called her and I told her about my decision to convert and to my biggest surprise she simply said “Jewish? Oh ok…” literally just “ok”, no fight, yelling or disowning as I was expecting. I know that she probably isn’t super excited by the news, but she accepted my decision as an adult to shape my life as I want, and it’s the most shocking thing I have ever experienced from her. I prayed for months to have such an outcome, but I still feel absolutely speechless that it actually happened. I finally feel free to go “full jewish”, G-d is good and today it’s a good day. Thanks to the people that took the time to listen to my blabbing.

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