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I feel uncomfortable going to Jewish events because I don’t "look Jewish"

My maternal grandmother is Jewish, and I was raised pretty secular. I didn’t get involved in the Jewish community until college, where I became actively involved with Chabad and Hillel. I don’t have the “stereotypical” Jewish appearance (I’m blond) or a Jewish surname, so people automatically assume that I’m not Jewish and always ask about my background and whether I converted. I went over to someone’s house for a Shabbos party a few years ago, and someone flat out said, “Why did you invite a non-Jew to my house?” Since then, I always felt insecure about being involved in the community. More recently, a Chabad rabbi said that I have the “Eastern European look.” I never know how to respond to these claims, and I always feel excluded – it makes me feel less Jewish.

What am I supposed to do about this? I will say that the majority of people have been kind to me and never question my background, but I feel like an outsider because of the minority that always brings up how I don’t look Jewish.

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