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I feel that Judaism is neither a race, nor a religion, nor an ethnicity, yet all three at the same time

Hello, I’m not jewish as you can tell, I come from a Muslim family and knew very little about jews except for that “Israel is evil”, that was then this is now, ok back to the topic.

I’ve met jews who only believe that you can be Jewish only if you believe in judaism

I’ve also met jews that have said jews who do not believe in god are still Jewish because they’re ethnically Jewish.

I met jews with visibly white skin with ancestors from Europe (Ashkenazi) who said jews weren’t white.

So correct me if I’m wrong, is Judaism a complex mix of the three? I’m genuinely curious.

A kaifeng jew and an Ashkenazi jew may be kilometers apart but they’re the same people because their ancestors come from Israel, so they’re an ethno-racial religious group?

I apologize if I offended anyone, it’s not my intention.

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