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I feel Obligated to share this.

Warning: long and probably sad and triggering for a lot of people. So I finally found the courage to post this, hope this is allowed. I myself am an atheist. I respect all religion and have friends from many types. So imagine my surprise when I found about them. Basically I want to Warn people about a kinda newly found group( 2003 or so) calling them self JoS: stupid conspiracy theorists which may some of you know, are antisemitic. But not any antisemitism: They are neo Nazis ( and they are proud of it). They are dangerous so if any one send you a link relating to one of their websites/ forums. Immediately report them and block that account. If you have kids or work with kids, becarful with them. As they have a tendency to target younger people. They may not look dangerous, but their highly manipulative ideas can cause tons of problems. TLDR: I don’t want history repeat it self and want for once to end sth before it gets too big to handle. Thank you for spending time reading this. Hope it can help people in future.

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