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I feel like I’m losing my humanity….

These last three weeks have been taxing to say the least. I’m Israeli by birth, raised in America most of my life. I was always a strong Zionist but before October 7th, I also tried to recognize that Arabs and Muslims are people like us and some are great and we live with them and mostly get along fine.

Since the attacks and the subsequent insanity, the level of hatred I’m seeing spewed out by their community makes me feel less and less empathy for anyone on their side. I feel nothing for them and I feel like I’m turning into a bad person.

I just can’t help but think it’s universal. I haven’t heard one, not ONE, come out and just say “killing Israeli children is wrong”. They are gleeful about it actually.

I’m so sick of this entire planet just ignoring facts, history, logic.

I’m sick of 5 billion people on earth telling me my people will burn in hell for all eternity (Christians and Muslims). Like I asked to be born Jewish!!! Like I asked to be born in Israel!

The more we give, the more they attack and the more they hate us. I’m sick of it al!

I work as a doctor but I basically come home to isolate. I have no family really and no Jewish community here. In fact, I live in quite a hostile place in Europe. Feels like a nervous break down coming on. Sense of doom and gloom

Sorry for the rant

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