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I feel like I am experiencing Anti-Semitism in the Workplace

I feel like I have been targeted based on my Jewishness since June 2nd directly after asking time off for Shavuot – May 26-29.

one directly after the high holidays and Yom Kippur sept 25th (sept 28)

And the first ceasefire in Gaza (Nov 24) after that I got 2 reports on the 27th and 30th

During/After Hanukkah I also got more reports and “chats” but I do not have the dates on hand

These reports have been about little things but they are on my record like for example my partner dropping a coffee off to me something she did for me for like 6 months before it was an considered “issue” which the upper management said it was not one (my branch manager thinks otherwise) or my dress that I wear every other day is not “not appropriate” (it is business casual because I work in Corporate.

On average I get a chat or email 3.5 days after a holiday or something happens in the Jewish World.

Am I overreacting/reading too far into this?

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