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I feel like a bad Jew

Both my parents are ethnically Jewish however neither of them grew up practicing religiously. In their adult life they always believed in G-d and many Jewish principles and raised my siblings and I with those values but it wasn’t until my siblings and I got older did they really start observing holidays, regularly praying, etc. My oldest brother really went for it and even lived in Jerusalem for a year. There he spent most of his time with an Orthodox community. He came back and tried his best to share all of his knowledge with us and get us on a better path. However I feel like getting such a late start in life set me back. I still don’t know Hebrew and often get simple things wrong. I feel like a fraud of a Jew. I live in the south and don’t have a good Jewish community to connect to. I’m too Jewish for the predominant Christian area but not Jewish enough for the few Jews I know. I go off to college in a year but still fear I won’t be accepted if I try to reach out. Any advice on how to be “a better Jew” or recommendations on colleges with accepting Jewish communities?

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