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I feel disconnected from my Judaism. Advice?

I love being Jewish. I’m proud of my heritage and I want the whole world to see me as Jewish. I’ve had my bat mitzvah and have attended Hebrew school, I celebrate holidays, but I feel so disconnected from my Judaism. I don’t know the Hebrew words for everything, or the rules, and I just don’t know how to gain connection. I can’t quote the Torah like many people and I don’t know terms for things. I want to be able to feel that connection with hashem. I worry that I will be losing part of my self expression by doing some of the more traditional stuff (dressing very modestly, always covering my hair) but I really wish I could just be “more Jewish.” I don’t know. I’m struggling with knowing what to do. I want to know everything like everyone else. I hear people saying reformism is a mockery and that was how I was raised. I’m a progressive person and I don’t want to lose my morals either. I liked ceiling on Saturdays and holidays, and I wear my star proudly, but I’m so stuck and so lost. I feel like an imposter.

Any advice? Thanks.

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