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I don’t want to be Jewish anymore

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Yes, I know it doesn’t work like that because we’re an ethnoreligious group. I know that I can’t just decide to leave, that there’s literally no mechanism to do it. And that’s part of the problem.

We are an ethnoreligious group, therefore in some sense, every cultural tradition we have is a religious one. However, I am not a believer and never have been. Until now I have mindlessly followed along with observing the holidays, but never kept kosher or Shabbat.

I live in Israel, and as you all are probably well aware, tensions between the secular and religious sectors are at an all-time high here. As these tensions rise, I come to resent more and more the power that religion has over me due to me being Jewish: People who are disconnected from my way of life tell me whom I can and cannot mary, where and when I can and cannot go on public transit and what I can or cannot eat, and also have the audacity to ask me to sustain their lifestyle with my taxpayer money.

This begs the question: if I don’t believe in any of it yet simply being born Jewish puts me under the religion’s power, why even be Jewish? What makes me part of this ethnoreligious group if I don’t believe in the religion, and it’s representatives make me feel unwelcome in the Ethnos because of it?

Has anyone else here grappled with these questions? I’d be interested to hear your conclusions

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