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I don’t want my son to lose his evangelical friend…but…

So, we’re Jewish. We’re also new in town. My son (nine years old) has made one good friend – an absolutely sweet little boy whose parents are evangelicals (they’re also recent immigrants, and the parents don’t speak English.) I love that the two boys have found each other, because they’re becoming very close and were both struggling to make friends.

But…the kid’s family is evangelical Christian, and whenever my son is over there, they’re pushing him to go to church, talk about Christ, read the NT, pray, etc. Most of this is coming from the boy or his older sister, who are fluent English speakers, but I think the parents are encouraging it as part of their religious practice.

I respect all faiths, and I’ve explained to the boy and his sister that we do, but that we’re Jewish, and we have our own path to follow, and that by doing so, we’re not disrespecting theirs. I don’t mind if my son, for example, has a meal over there and says grace. My son doesn’t mind so much, and I’m not worried that he’ll be swung in that direction, but I also don’t think it’s right (I was forced to go to church when I was his age as part of a summer camp experience, and never told my parents about it, I was so ashamed.) I also don’t want either boy to lose the friendship or exposure to other ways of thinking.

Advice, especially if you’ve handled this before?

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