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I don’t know what to identify as, Jewish or Atheist??

My whole family is Jewish, and I identify as Jewish, even though I don’t believe in God. I live in a predominantly Christian area and am ashamed to say that I know more about Christianity than I do Judaism. I hate the ideas of “God” and “Sin” and “Hell,” as I feel that are simply used to control people and give them unnecessary rules in life. But I do like the community and solidarity that comes with religion. I can better connect with my family when I pretend to be religious. And when i hear about Judaism, I hear myself being apart of that community. Is a religious atheist a thing? Can I be Jewish and an atheist at the same time? I feel like I’m not a real Jew for not believing in God and not a real atheist for not denouncing religion, though I do dislike religion as a whole.

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