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I do not like my Rabbi, there are no other local options, and I miss shul

First off- I realize this is MY issue and something I need to deal with. I’m looking for ideas to get over myself and be more open to this Rabbi.

A year ago our shul hired a new Rabbi (Reform). We had been rotating temporary Rabbis after our Rabbi Emeritus retired, and everyone was relieved to hire this new person.

It’s been a year, and I can not seem to get over not liking her. It has nothing to do with her being a woman, I’ve loved many women Rabbis. I am a woman. I just get bad vibes- during Torah study she shuts down interpretations of text that don’t exactly match her interpretation, she slightly belittles people when they share their views, she tries to out-sing and out-volume the Cantor during services in weird abrasive harmonies. There is no warmth behind her eyes. There is nothing genuine. I don’t get the impression that she loves or even necessarily likes her congregation.

Unfortunately, this is the ONLY shul of any domination in my town. I loved it before this change, and now I find myself actively avoiding services and functions. I am ok with attending services virtually somewhere else, but I miss going to and wanting to go to in person services and functions. The virtual services I go to are also women-led. It is really specific to this one particular person.

I hate feeling this way, and want to get passed it. Any suggestions on how I can reframe this so I can attend services and focus less on my reaction to her? I want to let go and enjoy myself again.

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