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I didn’t fast today, I’m a bad Jew

Am I a bad Jew? Today is one of the holiest days, I broke my fast after 3 hours. I used my phone. I watched television. I drove my car to grab breakfast. I used a lighter. I tried my best to not eat but the most I went without food was 12 hours. Does this already set me up for failure. I mean, I eat pork and don’t keep kosher (i.e. not mixing dairy with meat), I smoke, I masterbate, I’ve committed sins in my life. Does this make me unworthy? Will I not experience “heaven”? Am I doomed to be punished? Do I deserve lashes or eternal punishment in the next life? I still thought about my sins, I thought about how remorseful I am, and how I can change for the better and work towards a brighter future. Sometimes I feel like an unworthy Jew. I appreciate you taking the time to read this and respond.

Thank you!

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