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I could really use some support from the community, long story in comments.

I am unsure if this is the right place to post this. But I fear if I post it in Vent or Rant it may attract the wrong type of criticism… I just really need to vent and maybe get any kind of advice to make me feel not so hurt.

I want to start by saying I (30m) am not religious. My fiance (30f) is not religious, but her sisters are very religious.

I have had a really hard few months mostly due to judiasm being used as a weapon.

I am getting married in a few months to the absolutely best woman, the love of my life. Someone I’ve been with since we were 16 and in high school. We’re inseparable and even have been living together for the last few years.

We had a reform rabbi marrying us, and a caterer that had kosher options. We are getting married on a Thursday. We were trying to do it right so her family could come.

Her sisters made a big stink and about our rabbi not being Jewish enough and got him not involved. We now have a family friend who is Jewish but an ordained spiritual minister doing it right, 7 blessings the whole nine.

The family has decided that we can’t tell any of the nieces nephews grandkids etc, because “they don’t want them to know they have options about marrying someone not orthodox” that we’re getting married or being to the wedding.

Now her brother passed away, her brother who left the faith and was baptized. They legit threw out his will about how he wants to be buried, with their personal rabbi saying “well it’s like he was a drug addict and with this funeral it’s like rehab” it’s so awful and unacceptable.

And I’m just having such a bad go about it and like. I honestly feel terrible about all this, I don’t even feel comfortable hanging up this ketubah that I had gilxed and was so happy with not 3 months ago but now just everything’s so raw and I don’t even feel comfortable in shiva sitting near this people and all this nonsense where faith comes before family.

I just don’t know how to feel.

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