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I commited a deadly sin without noticing

Just to put up in context: I’m a conservative jew with ocd and i went to a dinner with an orthodox group.

So basically, the rabbi invited our group to a dinner at his house after Shabat. Everything went on tracks, until the moment from saying goodbye arrived (it was already late: 11:56 PM and the last train arrived in 15 minutes. Besides, the rabbi lives like 20 blocks away from the station, without a bus to get there. So i had to arrive there by walking): I shook my hands at everyone (in an act of saluting each member), but i forgot something very, very important among the orthodox: The wives are exclusive property from their husbands, and only they can touch them. So the thing is, that i wanted to salute her: She obviously denied, but i didn’t know at the time. I insisted until i wanted to extend my arm to her hand, but i touched her shoulder on accident. In that moment i thought “duh, such a bitter and cold woman” and i left her.

But in my way home, i realized the big and gross mistake i made. It was like sacrilege, like those things that God could hardy punish you for them.

Now im afraid that He could cast a curse on me, or that the orthodox group could expel me from their dinners. I just grew up on an ambience of woman inclusiveness among the jews, i did nothing wrong 🙁

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