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I can’t get time off for RH (rant)

I’m in nursing school and my only class on Monday is a lab. I emailed my lab instructor to see if I could get tomorrow off and she said that while she is required to say yes per university policy, it would be a very, very bad idea to miss this particular lab and I would likely fall very behind and struggle to catch up. Because of course RH had to fall on the one day we’re covering the most complicated topic of the semester. I get out of this lab at 2:30 by which point most services, except for Tashlich, will be over. I know some of you will tell me to miss the lab anyway since I technically can, and some of you will question my priorities. Trust me, I’m really torn up about this. If I felt like I had any choice, I would choose to observe this holy day over spending eight hours in lab in a heartbeat. As it is, I will probably attend Erev services tonight and then do Tashlich tomorrow. I’m just really frustrated that it came down to this. Has anyone else dealt with this at school/work?

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