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I can’t figure out if my brain is warped, or if this really happened

I recently had orthopedic surgery. I went for x-rays before the surgery and the x-ray technician was a young man with darkish skin who I thought was probably Hispanic. He was a riot and he joked, and we laughed the whole time which took about 10 minutes. Four weeks later(yesterday) I went for my post surgery check up. The same young man came to get me to walk me to x-ray. I was wearing a T-shirt with a huge menorah, and it said love and light.

The young man walked me to the room, took the x-rays and walked me back. He didn’t crack a smile, and he didn’t say one extra word to me that he didn’t have to do his job.

I immediately felt that he was having a bad day and I was almost going to say something to him to try to be kind. Then I looked at his face again and I thought maybe he’s not Hispanic maybe he is Arab. and maybe he saw my T-shirt and realized I am a proud Jew and that’s why he treated so coldly.

Now for the last 24 hours I’ve been beating myself up, trying to figure out if everything that’s happening in the world has made me a paranoid nutcase or if I correctly identified an anti-semite. What do you think?

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