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I cannot believe I have to say this, but BLACK PEOPLE AT LARGE ARE NOT THE CAUSE OF ANTISEMITISM

When we talk about the Black Hebrew Israelites and the antisemitism they spew, I find that many will just lump all black people into that group. The vast, and I mean VAST majority of people of color don’t even think about Jews, and hold no genuine hatred of Jews in their hearts. Some people of color are just as ignorant as white people, and believe in antisemetic things because they grew up and lived in a society that promotes anti-Jew rhetoric. Others just might not think about Jews at all! And some people of color ARE JEWS THEMSELVES.

I am utterly disgusted by some of the racism that has seeped out because of this DeSean Jackson and Nick Cannon controversy. Revolting, anti-black opinions that make me question the Jewishness of some of those people. I understand the anger, and the feeling that the whole world is against us. But this is not the time to let horrible racism take us over. Now is not the time to give in to the accusations against Jews and essentially prove right the people who believe us to be oppressing the world.

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