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I become more and more intrested in the hebrew religion. I will get maybe a full 24 book collection of the hebrew bible to christmas( i am raised as a atheist but since 11 years religion is becoming my beacon of faith). But i still struggle due to so much different sources pls help me out as you did


Its been a while and sadly i am still stuck at reading the genesis, due to medical conditions, but since my mom is so proud that i am have found a new field for fullfilling my individual eudaimonia i guess i will be blessed with a collection of all 24 books of the Hebrew Bible.

So far i am on my path for greater knowledge i stumbled a second time about the mystic parts of your legacy, the Kabbalah.

I have some short questions and i hope a there is at least one nice person with time who can answer me.

  1. Nothing of jewish mystic in mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, right?
  2. By now i have heard that the Kabbalah is something like hidden knowledge and only Professors and Scholars have access to certain scripts( and you have to be over 40+ having children)
  3. Can some one explain the Hasidic jew tribe for me? Their founder mixed Kabbalah with Judaism and called him the chosen one? All that is based on a jewish history YT sources so please correct me because that sounds cultish and more like anti semitic propaganda.
  4. I don’t understand the Sephiroth tree. Its seems to be a concept to communicate with G-d through different shells but this emanation theorem is the complete opposite( as i understood it mean ,being the vessel of the flow of g-ds divinity from heaven to the mortal realm through your body)
  5. Why is there a negative version of the Sephiroth tree (Qli’phot, Sitra Archa) and why is this used in occultism? The Zohar is the complete opposite (the book of light, isn’t that the meaning?). Is this a Ying Yang metaphor? I was told by a nice guy in this sub that pagan occults like Alesteir Crowley stole most of their shit from other sources (666 from an egypt stone script f.ex) and much more from other pagan cults but your religion seems to be the only one where pagans never stood a chance to infiltrate the believe system like they did with Islam and Christianity
  6. If the Kabbalah is so restricted why are there so many sources (wikipedia f.ex.)
  7. Was the Kabbalah written before the Thora?

Thats it for today i hope you can help me out. Its bunch of questions and i need the answers and the interaction with you because i will not fall for the anti semitism who is spreading in certain subs or other sides( 9gag at the moment is pretty much on a propaganda crusade and i hate it to be manipulated) So wisdom over propaganda as it shall be.

Also sorry for my bad english

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