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I attended my first ever Orthodox (Centrist Orthodox United Kingdom) Morning (10:00 am) Shabbat service! And just Wow!

The whole thing was completely beautiful, I could not understand a word of what was being said in Hebrew however it was so moving and despite being a non Jew (which I stated upon arrival) everyone was super friendly,respectful and welcoming towards me.

The most beautiful part was when the Torah Scroll came from the ark i believe it’s called.

I also enjoyed the Kosher wine after the blessing afterwards and the conversations with the Rabbis and the congregation who were all friendly.

Also one of the Rabbis was from all the way across the Atlantic as he was from Louisiana in the states so having someone exotic their was cool.

Edit: Sabbath ended 1715 (05:15pm) where I am in England (East of England) and I posted this at 17:22 (05:22pm)

I attended Shabbat service at 1000am in the morning and only posted this now after 1715 (0515pm) in the evening around 17:22 (05:22) when Shabbat has ended where I am.

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