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I asked ChatGPT "What is the oldest form of hatred against a particular group, which group?" it’s answer; Egypt and the Israelites, Chag Sameach everyone

ChatGPT’s answer; The oldest form of hatred against a particular group is difficult to pinpoint with certainty, as human history is full of conflicts and prejudices based on various factors such as race, ethnicity, religion, gender, and more. However, one of the earliest recorded instances of systematic persecution of a particular group dates back to ancient Egypt, where the Pharaohs enslaved the Israelites, as described in the biblical book of Exodus. This persecution was based on the Israelites’ religious beliefs and cultural differences. Additionally, throughout history, there have been numerous examples of discrimination and violence against minority groups, including the Roman persecution of Christians, the medieval European pogroms against Jews, and the transatlantic slave trade. It’s worth noting that while hatred and prejudice have existed for centuries, the specific targets of this hatred have changed over time, and different societies and cultures have developed their own forms of discrimination and intolerance.

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