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I appreciate Jews a lot more…

I’ve been watching a lot of Gil Shuter and Rabbi Tovia Singer on YouTube and I’ve had a sudden liking and appreciation of the Jewish faith and the Jewish people. It’s a very calm, peaceful and loving faith — as expected from the only other purely Monotheistic faith on Earth.

A vast majority of Israelis and by proxy Jews, aside from the zealots we shall not name, actually love their Arab brothers and appreciate the shared history and similarities in religion. I noticed this in videos from Cory on YT. Israelis for the most part felt that anyone could be a citizen of Israel irrespective of anything.

I’m super upset about what’s happening in Palestine of course, it’s bloodshed. But I realised that I was very anti-Semitic and I was unable to seperate my hatred for the violence caused by the IDF away from Jews in general.

Then I had a look at the rich Islamic traditions and how much respect we have for Moses or as you affectionately call him the Wise Teacher. Prophet Muhammad SAWS also pledged allegiance to Jewish leaders and offered them constitutional protection. This tradition continued and Jews enjoyed high status in Muslim societies.

All in all, what I’m trying to say is, I admit there is a shocking amount of anti-Semitism in the world. And as a Muslim, I feel your pain. You folks have been through so much, from the Holocaust to the constant demonisation by Christiandom. Yet Jews never left their monotheism. They stayed pure.

I’m extending the hand of friendship. I’ve come to realise that the IDF, Judiasm and Israel at large are completely seperate entities. I pray for peace and love between our people.

After all, we’re the closest in faith than any people.

All praise is due to the Most High, The Merciful. Ya Hayy Ya Qayyum or as you say, Yahweh.

Love 💞,

A Muslim

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