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I am very upset about the lack of action by our community in America right now. There is massive injustice happening, and we have said nothing.

First, I understand not everyone here is American.

It is my understanding that it is one of our primary duties as Jews to pursue justice. Well, there is a huge injustice being fought against in America right now, and the Jewish community is nowhere to be found! No rabbi’s speaking out. No community outreach programs. Nothing.

In fact, i keep seeing my fellow Jews get upset when people compare what is happening to Black people in America to the Holocaust. We seem to love claiming that so long as it’s not 100% identical in scale and style, it’s not comparable, and therefore offensive to do so. This is not only wrong, it’s dangerous.

We need to stand up as a community and support our black brothers and sisters however we can. If you feel safe joining a protest, do it. If you can donate to organizations like the Minnesota Freedom Fund, do it. I don’t care that it happens to be Shavuot. I don’t even care that it’s currently Shabbat. People are suffering preventable injustice in the world and we have no excuses. Find a way to help, even if it’s just asking your rabbi to speak out in support of the protester, and show them that our community will not sit back and watch. What ever it is, we cannot be silent.

When we were finally free of the horrors of Nazi Germany, we proclaimed “Never Again.”

Time to fucking stand by those words.

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