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I am talking to this person who is extremely antisemitic

So we were just having a conversation about the ongoing conflict and they went on making ridiculous claims

  1. They claimed that it’s impossible that Jews are hated on everywhere and that happens because they have superiority complex

  2. Claims that most Jews adhere to the Talmud teachings that emphasize on the superiority of a Jew of a non Jew with example of verses ie Kethuboth 11b

  3. Claims that Jews run the world and the media is controlled by Jews so that the mass can be indoctrinated by them

  4. Claims that Ashkenazi Jews are not real Jews

  5. He says that white supremacy is a myth….mind you he is black. He claims that Jews started all that

  6. Claims 78% of Jews owned slaves and were the biggest slave owners

  7. Also claims that Jews are the most cursed, filthy but still hold power somehow

  8. He claims the Congo conflict is caused by Jews because the richest man in Congo is a jew

  9. Also Jews orchestrated all the two world wars.. together with other claims i can’t name

I was trying to shut down most of these arguments but it started taking a toll on me. Im not Jewish at all, Im just an agnostic Christian but i am really tired of hearing these false conspiracies about a group of people who are only 15 million worldwide.

Edit: This is what he had sent me as a reply

To solve this as the world we need to separate jews from power, put laws that prohibit them from obtaining power because they always and always and always fuck up things… We have history and its a fact, we know how they are, we know they will never change. All they know is lie and manipulate especially the Christians.. if jews are normal like everyone then this world will be better. Remove every singke jew from power and wealth period.

That’s an answer to the jewish question.

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